Wednesday, December 9, 2009

3rd Grade Boy Raises $3000 for Homeless...and He's Spending a Night In A Box in Downtown Denver This Friday Night

Denver, CO - Caleb Neel, a 3rd grade boy from Littleton, has raised $3000 for the poor and homeless this holiday season. He is also sleeping in a box in downtown Denver on Friday night to raise awareness of the situation of the poor. Caleb has asked dozens of people to join him to sleep in a box, including his neighbors, his doctor, his classmates, and his relatives.

His mom, Shannon, can be reached at 303-895-9099.

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On December 4, 2009, one hundred and fifty Denver residents will join together in downtown Denver to raise awareness about homelessness by spending a night in a box. Those who are sleeping in boxes are raising funds through personal sponsorships to help raise funds and awareness to the plight of the poor in Denver.

The "box sleepers" are a diverse group of people - some wealthy and some still living in poverty. However, they all have the same heart - to advocate for the poor.

The mission of the event is to raise funds in order to serve the poor and the fatherless in our city. All the funds raised will go to existing programs currently helping the poor (Denver Rescue Mission & Denver's Road Home) as well as renovation costs of a newly acquired community center to serve the fatherless (Providence Ministries) located in the heart of Five Points, Denver.

Michael McQueen - 303-601-8663
Director of Night In A Box

For more information, go to

Providence Ministries is a non-profit in the heart of Five Points in Denver based out of Providence Bible Church. Their mission is to help the poor and the fatherless in the city.

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