Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Adams County Animal Shelter/Adoption Center Benefits from Prairie View Middle School Fundraiser

The Adams County Animal Shelter/Adoption Center received a $1,700 donation from Prairie View Middle School (PVMS) through a fundraiser held by their “Go Green Team” for Positive Behavior Support. The PVMS “Go Green Team” was developed to promote positive behavior and teach students about community awareness through activities such as this fundraiser.

Because PVMS is a new school, faculty and staff are working to establish community ties to help the community identify with and be proud of PVMS while teaching students the importance of actively participating in and giving back to their community. The fundraiser was a great success because it encouraged both students and teachers to contribute by making it both fun and competitive.

“Animal shelters are often overlooked when it comes to charity, especially during times of an economic downturn,” said James Hilton, one of PVMS’s fundraiser organizers. “Having adopted a Siberian Husky from the animal shelter a couple of years ago, I really understand the importance of supporting such a wonderful organization. When I’m feeling the stress of the day, Tori is always there with a smile and a wag of the tail. Without shelters like Adams County’s, dogs like Tori would not have the chance to smile.”

The Adams County Animal Shelter/Adoption Center accepts donations throughout the year. Donations are used to purchase cat and dog food, cat litter, supplements to feed young animals that have been separated from their mothers too early and other items necessary to ensure animals are well-cared for and healthy. Cash, checks and gift cards to local pet stores are always appreciated as are donations of pet food and care items such as those listed above. Volunteers are also appreciated to help care for the many animals in the shelter.

“We truly appreciate the kindness of Prairie View Middle School’s students and staff for their hard work and giving spirit and for choosing the Adams County Animal Shelter/Adoption Center to benefit from their fundraiser,” said Millie Beck, Adams County Animal Shelter/Adoption Center manager. “Their donation will help us to continue delivering valuable services and will definitely be put to good use.”
For more information on how you can help the Animal Shelter/Adoption Center through a donation or by volunteering, call 303.288.3294.

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