Friday, January 8, 2010

Governor and First Lady Send Holiday Wishes to Military

Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter and First Lady Jeannie Ritter are sending holiday wishes to overseas military personnel, citizen-soldiers of the Colorado National Guard and military families throughout the state.
“I want to extend my personal gratitude to you and your families for being Always Ready, Always There,” Gov. Ritter said. “The many hardships you’ve endured while in service to both our state and our nation is an inspiration. As we all pause this holiday season to celebrate with family and friends, we are only able to do so because of your continued commitment and sacrifice. I speak on behalf of all Coloradans in wishing you and your fellow service members -- wherever you are in the world -- a happy and joyous holiday season. Stay safe, and thank you for your service.”

“We know many of you will celebrate the holidays this year while your loved ones serve our nation thousands of miles from home -- often in harm’s way,” Mrs. Ritter said in her message to military families. “As the daughter of a Navy captain, I know first hand how difficult long deployments can be for you, and especially for the little ones. Bill and I honor your strength and commitment to home and family as an enduring symbol of hope for all service members. And even though your loves ones may be far away this year, we will hold them especially close in both our hearts and our prayers.”

Click here for Gov. Ritter’s video message to active-duty members of the armed forces.

Click here for the Governor’s message to the citizen-soldiers of the Colorado National Guard.

Click here for a joint message from the Governor and First Lady to military families.

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  1. Ritter needs to resign, and pave the way for a real Democrat to win. I'd love to see Salazar come back, but that does not look like it will happen. Even so, Ritter needs to go.