Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Gov. Bill Ritter today signed House Bill 1059, sponsored by Rep. Sara Gagliardi and Sen. Linda Newell, which will help youth in foster care take driver education courses that are necessary in order to obtain a driver’s permit and ultimately a driver’s license.

“This legislation eliminates a barrier for our youth in foster care to secure a driver’s permit,” Gov. Ritter said. “Getting a driver’s license is the beginning of independence for our youth. Teenagers in foster care often are often unable to complete driver’s education. This bill will now allow a 15-year-old foster youth to take the classroom portion of driver’s education without having a signed affidavit of liability, which is difficult to obtain when in the custody of a foster family or the county.”

HB 1059 passed with bipartisan support and was signed at the Governor’s Residence during a reception with United Way leaders from around Colorado along with several foster youth.

“This bill is a meaningful fix to an issue that affects a lot of children’s lives,” Rep. Gagliardi said. “The kids in our foster care system face enough hurdles in life, so I’m pleased that we can help make their lives a little easier.”

“This is a great opportunity for foster kids to get the driver’s ed they need and to improve public safety for all drivers,” Sen. Newell said.

House Bill 1059 clarifies that a minor over 15 years old and in foster care is not required to complete an affidavit of liability to register for a state-approved driver education course prior to applying for a minor’s instructional permit. The minor shall continue to be required to present an affidavit before beginning to drive with a permit.

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