Wednesday, April 28, 2010

CIRC Condemns Scott McKinnis Endorsement of Arizona Law

"Maybe McKinnis doesn't realize that 20% of his own electorate is Latino"

COLORADO - Today, Scott McKinnis, a candidate for governor of Colorado came out in support of the Arizona law 1070, which requires that police officers arrest anyone who cannot prove their immigration status on the spot. Julien Ross, Executive Director of the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition, issued the following statement:
"We find it abhorrent to see Mr. McKinnis support a law designed to profile immigrant Americans. Maybe Mr. McKinnis doesn't realize that 20% of his own electorate is Latino and they are in line to be profiled by the Arizona law if they go one state over.

"Mr. McKinnis must be aware of the reaction that this law has generated all over the country, prompting 10 straight days of protests and an economic boycott of the state of Arizona. We are surprised that he would support a law that would destroy any economic advantage this state might have gained over the last year of recovery.

"In this day and age, it is not rare to see a politician blatantly pandering to the xenophobic right-wing of his own party. But it is very rare to see one that is doing so at the cost of his own state. We are hoping that Mr. McKinnis will re-evaluate his position and learn to represent all of Colorado."

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  1. SINCE WHEN IS LATINO SYNONOMOUS WITH ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT? There people all over the world waiting to come here through legal channels. What about them: or are you so narrow minded and self serving to care about them. Those who sneaked in this country should NOT be rewarded!