Wednesday, April 14, 2010

UPDATE on Commerce City Home Invasion

COMMERCE CITY ¯ The four suspects from the early home invasion in the 10700 block of Akron have been identified. Photos are not available pending photo line ups.

1. Tikim Tyiuan Alexander 05/16/1976 (Homeless)
2. Kenneth Brandon Lacey 09/12/1985 (Aurora, CO)
3. Ryan Meyer 11/24/1977 (Aurora, CO)
4. Ryan Harrison 12/13/78 (Bowling Green, KY)

The four suspects are being held on First Degree Burglary and will be transported to the Adams County Detention Facility.

During a search of the victims home detectives located 18 marijuana plants, a large amount of dried marijuana, two kilos of cocaine, mushrooms and heroin. The homeowner/victim of the home invasion, Adrienne Bayless, 10/17/77 is being held on Possession of Schedule II over a 1000 grams with Intent to Distribute and Child Abuse.

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