Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dumb Friends League helps cat owners train and socialize their feline friends in Kitten Kindergarten

Many may think that a cat cannot be trained, but felines prove that this belief is a myth through the Dumb Friends League Kitten Kindergarten class. During the three-week course, young cats become socialized and learn tricks that would impress any non-believer.

“The goal of Kitten Kindergarten is to increase owners’ understanding of cats and their needs, and strengthen the bond between owners and their pets,” said Matt Levien, behavior supervisor for the League. “The class also helps kittens become well-adjusted companions, and it provides their owners with practical tips to ensure that future grooming efforts, trips to a veterinarian, or other travel experiences are calm and rewarding.”

During the Kitten Kindergarten’s orientation, cat owners learn about litter-box problem prevention, destructive scratching prevention, toys and activities, and typical cat behavior issues. For the second and third week classes, the owners’ kittens are encouraged to attend. They have an opportunity to socialize with other kittens, interact with new people, and explore new environments in a safe and positive manner. Meanwhile, owners learn nail-trimming skills, how to teach their kittens to accept handling and restraint, and how to desensitize them to a carrier. For added fun, the feline students learn to sit on command, come when called and give a “high five.”

Kitten Kindergarten is offered monthly from now through October at the League’s Quebec Street shelter, located at 2080 S. Quebec St. in Denver, Colo. The next session begins May 11 and costs $30. Classes meet weekly for three weeks, and all classes begin at 6:30 p.m. Enrollment is limited to kittens between 8 and 13 weeks of age at the start of the class.

For more information or to register for Kitten Kindergarten, visit or call (303) 751-5772, Ext. 7629.

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