Friday, April 16, 2010


Gov. Bill Ritter signed several bills into law today including House Bill 1140 sponsored by Reps. Nancy Todd and B.J. Nikkel as well as Sen. President Brandon Shaffer and Sen. Nancy Spence. The bill will invest $4.7 million from the Colorado State Veterans Trust Fund in Fiscal Years 2010-11 and 2011-12 to be used for construction projects to build National Guard Armories in Alamosa, Grand Junction and Windsor.
“We are very lucky in Colorado to have a large military community that provides support to open these three new armories, when in other states, they are being closed due to budget cuts,” Gov. Ritter said. “House Bill 1140 will give our National Guard the proper resources to train and prepare for future missions in new facilities and ensures that they have the best opportunity to be successful whether they are protecting Coloradans here at home or in combat zones overseas.

Today, I also signed the veteran treatment court bill into law, so that our returning servicemen and women can get the help that they have earned from their service to our country. I am greatly pleased to see the efforts in 4th Judicial District to provide these crucial services that will help our veterans to return to civilian life.”

“We are really thankful to the Legislature and the many Veteran organizations that made House Bill 1140 possible,” said Adjutant Gen. Edwards. “This enables us to continue building a bright future for the National Guard here in Colorado.”

“As Chair of the House State, Veterans, and Military Affairs Committee, I had the opportunity to travel around the state last summer and visit the armories of our state with the Adjutant General of Colorado, Michael Edwards,” said Rep. Todd. “From our visits we determined that these three readiness centers were badly needed. This bill will help keep Colorado truly ready.”

“The National Guard will now be able to be in a constant state of readiness and will properly be supplied with resources in order to address times of natural disasters and tragic emergencies,” Rep. Nikkel said. “The new readiness center will provide security and create jobs. The National Guard is comprised of courageous individuals that serve our nation and state, and deserve our continued support.”

“We are investing in the security of our state and protecting the people of Colorado,” Sen. President Shaffer said. “The construction of these three armories will help us respond to natural disasters more quickly and support our national security efforts.”

"The construction of these three armories in Colorado will allow our National Guard to fulfill their obligation to conduct operations in peacetime, conflict and war,” said Sen. Spence. “As other states are closing or consolidating armories due to budget constraints or a change in federal or state missions, we are proud to be able to move forward with three Guard facilities to fulfill Colorado's obligation to our military mission."

Gov. Ritter also signed House Bill 1104, sponsored by Sen. Suzanne Williams and Rep. Marsha Looper which will allow Colorado’s court administrator to pursue federal funding to establish, maintain or expand a veterans’ treatment court. It also gives authority to the chief judge of a judicial district to create a veterans’ treatment court.

“It is our moral obligation to support and care for those who have served this country,” Sen. Williams said. “Allowing for the establishment of a veterans' treatment court to serve veterans who suffer from substance abuse or mental illness will allow the courts to handle these cases.”

“We have a responsibility to better serve the needs of Colorado’s veterans who have devoted their lives in order for us to live a better life,” Rep. Looper said. “The transition of returning to civilian life after serving our country can be extremely difficult and challenging. Understanding that mental health and substance abuse issues can be related to their service is fundamental when trying to assist and help struggling veterans.”

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