Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Gov. Bill Ritter signed several bills into law today including Senate Bill 115 sponsored by Senator Tochtrop and Representatives Primavera and Merrifield to help deliver medication to Haiti.

Senate Bill 115 makes it easier for health care facilities to donate unused medications, medical devices, and medical supplies to nonprofit entities and requires a licensed pharmacist to review all donations to these nonprofit entities.
“Senate Bill 115 is a common sense solution that will make it easier for Colorado to get medical supplies to those who need them the most,” said Gov. Ritter. “The underserved and uninsured victims of natural disasters in Haiti and all over the world will feel the positive benefits of this legislation.”
"This will be a win-win for Colorado and for the people of Haiti," said Sen. Lois Tochtrop. "We have the opportunity to provide the victims of this devastating natural disaster with much needed medication. We can also prevent medications from ending up in Colorado's drinking water."

“The earthquake in Haiti struck at the heart of one of the least developed nations, leaving some three million people in need of assistance,” said Rep. Primavera. “Recycling unused prescription medicines will help the earthquake victims in Haiti, as well as other areas devastated by natural victims, and eliminate the waste of perfectly good medicines and medical equipment. What used to be dumped down the drain, can now save lives.”

Gov. Ritter also signed House Bill 1052, sponsored by Representative Solano and Senator Newell that extends the repeal date for the solid waste user fee and the Recycling Resources Economic Opportunity Program from July 1, 2010, to July 1, 2017.

“The Recycling Resources Economic Opportunity Fund is good for Colorado’s economy and environment,” said Sen. Newell. “The fund has encouraged job growth and investment in our state, and we are continuing this program to maintain Colorado’s commitment to the new energy economy.”

“This bill will keep the Recycling Resources Economic Opportunity Program going, so that the recycling industry continues to grow in Colorado and jobs can continue to be created – jobs that can’t be outsourced,” said Rep. Solano.

For a complete list of Gov. Ritter’s 2010 legislation decisions, visit www.colorado.gov/governor

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