Thursday, April 29, 2010

Senator Udall Signs Letter to President in Support of Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Colorado Reform Immigration for America Celebrates Both Senators' Leadership

Colorado- Today, Senator Udall (D-CO) signed onto a letter to the President, initatied by California Congresswomen Boxer and Feinstein, outlining his support for immigration reform and encouraging Congress to move on the issue in 2010. The following is a statement from Julie Gonzales, Colorado State Director for the Reform Immigration for America campaign:
"The time for comprehensive immigration reform is now, and today Senator Mark Udall represented tens of thousands of Coloradans when he called on President Obama to push for immigration reform this year.

"We are so pleased that Senator Udall signed the letter one day after Coloradans showed up to his Denver office to deliver hundreds of letters from business owners, community leaders, students, faith leaders and elected officals. At his office, we asked, 'Where is Udall's leadership on Comprehensive Immigration Reform?' We thank him for his efforts and look forward to continuing our work with him to achieve just immigration reform this year.

To read Senator Udall's letter, click here.

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