Thursday, April 29, 2010

Walk Outs to Protest Arizona Law

Denver Students Join in State and National Action

COLORADO- On April 30, hundreds of high school and college students and their allies will hold a walk-out throughout the Denver area to protest Arizona law SB 1070 and call for comprehensive immigration reform. The Arizona law, which requires that police officers arrest anyone who cannot prove their immigration status on the spot, is seen as requiring police officers to participate in racial profiling.
WHAT: Hundreds of Denver students and allies to walk out of area high schools and colleges and convene at the Captiol


Viking Park (Speer & Federal) @ 2pm
Sunken Gardens (11th & Speer) @ 2pm
City Park @ 2pm
Lincoln HS @ 12pm

Capitol Building 2:30-4:30 with speakers beginning at 3:30

WHY: To protest Arizona racial profiling law SB 1070


  1. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it just might be a duck. If the subject has no identification and is stopped legally for a crime or law violation, it just might be an ILLEGAL person that has committed a crime and trespassed our borders. I just love the term ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT that is being used. Are they an IMMIGRANT? I don’t think so. They are criminals by law that are trespassing our borders without legal permission. Immigrants are persons that come to our country LEGALLY. Laws and procedures are set up to provide this wonderful opportunity for those that want a better life and come to America LEGALLY. These people that ILLEGALLY trespass and come here have only contempt of our laws, of us, and respect nothing that all Americans work so hard for, the law.

    My grandparents on both sides immigrated to America LEGALLY. Legal Immigration has made America the great Nation. With open borders, America becomes WEAK in spirit and in physical security of our lands and borders. They, the ILLEGALS, come to America and are allowed to get work, a driver’s license, get food stamps, housing assistance, child care, secondary and higher education, given legal council and in the past have been given amnesty that does nothing but per motes more illegal trespassing. The thing we give them that hurts us the most is the VOTE. The VOTE allows them to tell us how to run our Country and it helps them to elect those that will support this illegal situation. We print thousands of documents in their language; allow telephone communications to be in their language and tell those that protest this by telling them that they are PREDIGEST against them and are racist. We have allow them to escape back to their country to hide from US justice and that county protects them when they have committed a capital crime. Their County protects them by refusing extradition back to the US unless they are give special treatment on the capital crime they are accused of.

    Don’t be a SHEEP-PAL and allow those special interest groups to influence you to protest Arizona’s new law. They are protecting their folks from CRIMINALS that kill their people, kidnap their wives and children and bring DRUGS into America that kill our children. The Arizona law is there by their State Government for a reason. Is the Federal Government doing their job with protecting the borders? This new law allows Arizona's law enforcement to do their job and to protect them from ILLEGAL persons that commit criminal activities. If a person is ILLEGALLY TRESPASSING enforce the laws, Federal and then State. If you don’t like Arizona’s new law, go to North Korea and trespass there, you go right to jail for 12 years at hard labor. Think about it before you protect Arizona. Are we hurting our future by condoning criminal activities like TRESPASSING of our borders.

  2. SINCE WHEN IS LATINO SYNONOMOUS WITH ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT? There people all over the world waiting to come here through legal channels. What about them: or are you so narrow minded and self serving to care about them. Those who sneaked in this country should NOT be rewarded!