Friday, May 28, 2010

Business Incentive Package Makes Commerce City More Business-Friendly Than Ever


COMMERCE CITY - On Monday, May 17, members of the Commerce City Business Advancement Taskforce (BAT) presented a number of short-term and longer-term recommendations to City Council that are designed to spur business and development growth in 2010 and beyond. At City Council last night, the BAT recommendations were formally approved and are widely seen as just one way that the City is moving forward with its recently adopted Economic Development Strategic Plan.

The BAT short-term incentive package recommendation includes numerous sales/use tax rebates and building fee waivers for both new and existing businesses. For example, two of the short-term recommendations include providing homebuilders with a $1,500 one-time rebate per new home built in 2010 or 2011, and providing new grocery and eating places with a 50 percent sales tax rebate for the first two years of operation. The City is also temporarily waiving 50 percent of the building fees associated with residential home improvements.

"While Commerce City was one of the first in the region to enter into the recession, we are one of the first to exit it. Innovative programs like our incentive package will continue to further Commerce City's reputation as one of the friendliest places to do business and to live," stated Mayor Paul Natale.

The BAT also focused on long-term recommendations that include, but are not limited to:

• Streamlining the development review process,
• Working to improve awareness of the Commerce City Business Retention and Expansion Program,
• Creating an "Ambassadors Program" where one person in the City works with the business or developer from start to finish in the development review and other planning processes, and
• Encouraging the City to attract vocational schools within the city limits that have technical programs to support existing and targeted industries.

"The BAT recommendations are yet another example of how the City has reached out to its core businesses and commercial entities to listen and understand exactly how the economy is impacting their ability to do business and what the City can do to make a difference," added Economic Development Director Brittany Morris. "We believe that by working together and publicizing this innovative program, our residents and businesses will see benefits both now and in the future."

The City plans a comprehensive marketing effort to ensure the program's success. This will include outreach to the residential community through City Council, area HOAs, Quality Community Foundation updates, City News, as well as regional and national trade publications and business associations. The City also plans to contact major retail partners that sell goods and services to local businesses and residents to explore opportunities to leverage existing marketing efforts.

The City is grateful to each of the 13 members of the BAT, who volunteered their time to ensure that business continues to thrive in our community. Thanks to the Commerce City Business Advancement Taskforce (BAT), that includes:

• Les Burch, Sashco
• Jimmy Burds, Colographic
• Maria Carabajal, Commerce City Business and Professionals Association
• Larry Cornell, Phil Foster and Company
• Kristi Douglas, Good Living Real Estate
• Barry Gore, Adams County Economic Development
• Brian Henesey, Rocky Mountain Recycling
• Jenyce Houg, Houg Special Services
• Bob Loew, Fairfield and Woods
• Ben Martinez, El Jardin Restaurant
• Matthew Noteboom, LG Everist
• Anthony Stelatto, Little Mustard Seed Market
• Mike Wafer, Grub and Ellis

For more information on the 6-month incentive program, please visit starting June 1 or call Commerce City Economic Development at 303-289-3620.

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