Monday, May 3, 2010


Monday night, CCBPA representative Jimmy Burd, made a false accusation against the Gateway News, a private business in Commerce City, and Kathy McIntyre, a private citizen of Commerce City during citizen communication at the Commerce City council meeting. The Mayor Paul Natale and the City Attorney Robert Gehler did nothing to stop this.

The Gateway News is here to set the record straight once and for all. This issue was brought to light by COUNCIL MEMBER JADIE CARSON when she asked for an explanation of the city managers contracts. Not because of a conspiracy theory of Gateway News retaliation. The Gateway News still considers itself a partner of Commerce City.

The main point of the Gateway News “Deal Breaker” story is about the $72,000 cash payment to Flannery and what that was for. The Gateway News is still waiting for a real explanation by any or all of the council members or staff.

The Gateway News has always taken pride in telling the truth and over the years the list is long of issues where the city’s position was in direct opposition to the Gateway News. Never until now has that ever been a problem. We uncovered issues with the former city manager and police chief, we were against the new city logo, we uncovered the GOCO grant issue where the city was put on probation for grants, and many more.

The Gateway News has to be able and will cover all News Issues regardless of what the outcome or opinions might be.

If mayor Natale wants to continue to say this is a non-story, we would then ask why the Commerce City Sentinel Express (where the city currently prints its legal notices), the Brighton Blade, The Westword, The Denver Post, Channel 9NEWS and many real estate website are covering this issue.

From the Denver Post Editorial Board:
The city manager who Commerce City wooed from Arizona in 2007 must be some sort of municipal management genius. Gerald Flannery was such a catch that city council members gave him a virtually interest-free, four-year, $450,000 loan to buy one of the most expensive homes in Reunion since he couldn't sell his Arizona house. But that's not all. The council gave him a $10,000 annual car allowance and $19,250 in moving expenses — on top of his $160,000 annual salary.

And when Flannery lost money in the real estate market due to decreasing values, they discounted that sweet $450,000 loan by $72,000 and called it a relocation fee. And they did it in a closed-door meeting, away from public view. Even though Flannery has sold his Arizona house, he still hasn't paid back the loan, funded by taxpayers. That's because his deal with the city says it's not due until late 2011. In the best of times, the council's actions would be an over-the-top example of government spending. In these times, as homeowners struggle to make mortgage payments on their own underwater mortgages, it's indefensible. The details of the unbelievably generous deal were disclosed by Gateway News, a local news organization, and 9News, which both deserve credit for reporting the issue. We hope Commerce City residents take a few moments to let their public officials know what they think about this example of government largesse.


  1. Commerce City is just stupid. Sorry. But just stupid.

  2. don't worry Gateway. Citizens Know city is ridiculous.

  3. Everyone treats Editor McIntyre as a public official.

  4. Derrick Keys, Commerce City Resident, Brighton Tax PayerTuesday, May 04, 2010

    ccbpa is a joke

  5. A true friend of the cityTuesday, May 04, 2010

    Gateway News. It must be frustrating as all hell, when people try to twist your story.

    No fear we understand it.

  6. Jimmy "the mayors" Bird or Glen "the farmer" Murray.

    SORRY Jimmy, Glen WINS!

    You may want to practice before you speak next time.

  7. jimmy would have a point, but I have to agree this was brought up by Jadie Carson, if she was any kind of a real council member she would have spoken up.

  8. Gateway takes on a city manager, It is like deja vu all over again.

  9. belle creek observerTuesday, May 04, 2010

    GATEWAY NEWS! I missed out on a lot of those stories. What happened with GOCO? and what is deal with logo?

    You got me curious now!