Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tornado season is upon us; be prepared

Most tornadoes occur between May and July in Colorado. The city of Brighton’s Office of Emergency Management would like to remind residents about safety tips and personal preparedness.

Tornado Safety Tips:

* When a Tornado Watch is announced, it means conditions are present for a tornado.
* Keep a radio/TV tuned for further information, and gather emergency supplies.
* When a Tornado Warning is issued, it means a tornado has been sighted or is imminent. Take shelter immediately.

If you are at home

· Go to your basement. If you do not have a basement, go to an interior hallway or small interior room on the lowest floor.

· Avoid windows.

· Do not remain in a trailer or mobile home if a tornado is approaching. Take cover elsewhere.

If you are at work

· Go to an interior hallway on the lowest floor, or a designated shelter.

· Avoid windows.

If you are at school

· Follow instructions of authorities/teachers.

· Stay out of structures with wide, free-span roofs like auditoriums and gyms.

If you are in a car or outside

· Seek cover in a nearby building, or lie flat in a ditch or ravine.

Personal Preparedness Tips:

* Know the dangers/hazards that affect your area.
* Know what to do prior to the sirens sounding.
* Purchase a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) weather radio for your home.
* Have a 72-hour emergency kit (for details, visit and click on “Emergency Management” under the “Department” link and then click on “Residents.”
* Take a preparedness class. The city offers classes on a regular basis including Community Emergency Response Training (CERT), Be Ready, Severe Weather Awareness, Storm Spotter and CPR. For more information, visit and click on “Emergency Management” under the “Departments” link.
* Sign-up for the Brighton Alert System, a free, real-time weather and news headline application that resides on your desktop and keeps you posted on local current conditions, weather alerts, breaking news and news content. To sign-up, visit and click on “Emergency Management” under the “Departments” link.

The Office of Emergency Management conducts a monthly Outdoor Warning Siren test on the first Wednesday of each month which are intended to ensure that all systems and procedures are working properly. The tests also promote public awareness of the warning sirens located throughout the city. The public is not expected to take any action in conjunction with the testing but we encourage residents to walk through their response.

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