Saturday, May 8, 2010

Welcome Mile High Market Place to Commerce City

It was the Mile High Market Place, armed with lawyer David Foster that came to Commerce City to be annexed.

And after last Monday night, with a 7 to 2 vote, that is now the reality. The Mile High Market Place was annexed and given a requested incentive package. It was the deal to annex with the incentive package or no annexation at all. The No votes were Council members Jadie Carson and Rene Bullock.

One of the incentive highlights included a ban on a city council driven ticket or seat tax for a set number of years, which was stated by some as "Tying the hands of future council". Mile High Market Attorney David Foster counter saying that decisions by council tie the hands of future councils all of the time, such as bonds or other tax incentives, like the northern range Walmart tax incentive. The citizens will of course still have an option to place such a tax proposal on the ballot, such as what Council member Jim Benson did as a citizen recently with seat tax proposal 2A.

Another detail positive for the Mile High market place is this will allow the Marketplace to keep its huge tent to stay open year round. The county treated the tent as a "temporary structure," which means taking it down after each event.

Watch the the Market Place to expand its days of operation from 3 days a week to a possible 7 days a week in the future.


  1. Tutio, Commerce CitySunday, May 09, 2010

    still think this is a good thing, NOT PERFECT, but still a god thing

  2. Good Job Staff and Council

  3. Truth Out ThereSunday, May 09, 2010


    I think he gave money for some campaigns, right?