Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Foster Pet Parents Needed!

The Adams County Animal Shelter only gets a litter of puppies a few times a year, but they get about 1000 kittens! They desperately need people who can foster kittens and their nursing mom until they are old enough to receive shots. They have found that the survival rate for kittens who spend their first two months in a home is much better than those who have to start life in the shelter. They pay for everything. The only rules are that you must not let the foster kittens/mother and your pets come in contact, and you cannot let them outside. Sometimes they have kittens that need bottle feeding, and that takes a lot more time.

If you, or somebody you know, would like to know more about fostering kittens (sorry, we seem to have snatched up the only puppies), please call Chris at the Adams County Animal Shelter, 303-288-3294 or email her at They are desperate for foster families.

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