Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gateway News: Q and A about Hail Storm in Commerce City

Gateway News: In regards to the new incentives and discounts on building permits as of June 1, 2010, will all homeowners in Commerce City be given a 50% discount on all building permits now pulled for all the work being done on the $70 million dollars of damage from the hail storm?

Commerce City: Yes. Permits for repairs in the wake of recent severe weather are eligible for rebate as part of the City’s incentive program. We prefer to refer to these as rebates, as receiving them requires homeowners to fill out and submit a simple form that will soon be available on the City’s website. In the meantime, questions may be directed to the City’s Economic Development Department main number: 303-289-3620.

Gateway News: Have the current permits that have already been pulled been afforded the 50% discount?

Commerce City: As of June 8, 44 permits have been pulled that qualify for this program, although the discount was not provided at the counter. The reason for this was the City wants to ensure that the benefit of the rebate is realized by homeowners; not contractors or insurance providers.

Homeowners whose property received damage and secured the proper permits for repairs will be contacted by the City. This contact will include instructions on how homeowners may apply for the rebate.

Gateway News: In regards to the city owned house in Reunion that is occupied by the current city manager Flannery, who will be paying the deductibles and any other expenses related to storm damage at that property?

Commerce City: City Manager Flannery will pay any insurance deductibles associated with damage to the property.

Gateway News: How will all the contractors that are new to Commerce City, that have come here due to the storm, know about the incentives and discounts? Are they told when they pull permits?

Commerce City: The City’s position is the rebates are owed to the homeowner, not the contractor or insurance provider. The City will contact eligible homeowners directly and advise them of the steps required to take advantage of this economic development program.

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