Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Adams County District Attorney Supports Sheriff Darr

I first met Doug Darr 23 years ago when I started with the District Attorney’s Office. Over the years, I worked with Doug as he progressed through the command positions within the Sheriff’s Office. Based on my experiences with Doug, I supported him in 2002 when he first ran for Sheriff, and again in 2006. I now strongly encourage our community to elect Sheriff Darr for a final term.

My support is not based on friendship, but on Doug Darr’s experience, abilities and integrity. Doug Darr grew up in Adams County and has worked for the Sheriff’s Office for 38 years. Doug knows the office, the county and its people. Sheriff Darr is not only tough on crime, he is smart about crime. Through a balance of tough enforcement and crime prevention partnerships with the community, Sheriff Darr has reduced crime in unincorporated Adams County by over 40%. The DA’s Office has also worked with Sheriff Darr on his efforts to keep our kids safe while they are on the internet. Sheriff Darr is also a strong partner in the Adams County Youth Initiative to keep kids out of the justice system.

Finally, Sheriff Darr has the highest integrity and character. Doug tells the truth and insists his people do the same. If Doug or someone in the Sheriff’s Office makes a mistake, they own it and try to make it right. You do not have to take my word for Doug Darr’s character and abilities. A year ago, the other 62 sheriffs in Colorado elected Doug Darr to be the President of their state association. I share their high opinion of Doug Darr and support his election to a final term as Adams County Sheriff.

Don Quick
District Attorney
17th Judicial District

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