Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Brighton: Update on city water quality concerns

Brighton City Council and city staff are committed to resolving citizen concerns regarding a change in the taste and odor of their water as soon as possible.

“First and foremost, we’d like our citizens to know that there are no health hazards associated with the change in taste and odor of the water,” said City Manager Manuel Esquibel. “Through utility testing internally and with outside analytical labs, and monitoring by the Colorado Department of Health and Environment, the water is deemed safe to drink, cook and bathe in.”

Determining the cause of the change has proven difficult as the pattern of concerns varies throughout the city. A team of experts including city administrative and utility staff, an outside engineering consultant from Clear Water Solutions, and the State Health Department have come together to review the water quality distribution system. The city will report their findings and solutions once they are determined.

This team has put together a strategic process to review the city’s water sources and how these sources are mixing at distribution. In addition, they will be conducting hardness level tests and tests using variations in residual chlorine to see if that has an impact on the water.

The city will continue to conduct fire hydrant flushing throughout the city’s water system. Residents may experience discolored water during the flushing. There are no health hazards associated with discolored water. If discolored water is apparent, run several cold water taps at full force until the water clears. It may take several minutes to flush the water out of the system. If the water remains discolored, wait 30 minutes before running the taps again.

Citizens are encouraged to report any changes in their water by contacting the city of Brighton Utilities Department at 303-655-2082.

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