Thursday, October 28, 2010

Incentive program sparks economic growth in Commerce City

COMMERCE CITY – More than 250 new jobs and $15 million in capital investments are expected to hit Commerce City, thanks to the city's incentive package designed to boost the local economy.
As businesses and homeowners take advantage of the incentive program, which was approved by City Council earlier this year, the benefits of the program continue to take shape during the last months of the year. Since approving the incentive package, Commerce City has received 125 applications, providing more than $500,000 in incentives to existing and new local businesses.

In May of this year, City Council unanimously approved the Commerce City incentive package, which is tailored to positively impact all facets of the local economy by creating jobs, encouraging existing businesses to make capital investments, spur new office, industrial and residential growth, support home improvements, and create new retail opportunities. The package is designed to address the top incentive needs and desires identified by the Commerce City development and business community, including tax exemptions, permit fee reductions and a speedier development review process.

As an existing retail business, McDonald's franchisee Boselli Investments applied and was recently approved for the incentive program to help expand its marketing efforts for its Commerce City location at 104th Avenue and Highway 85.

"We want to be a member of the Commerce City community," said Rhonda Sebock, Vice President of Operations for Boselli Investments, adding that the company takes pride in being active in the community.

Boselli Investments continues to create jobs and employ local residents, and plans to use the rebate from their incentive package toward a direct mail campaign to market new products that will be offered at the Commerce City McDonald's location early next year.

"Our goal is to not only boost economic vitality in Commerce City through this program, but also build and strengthen relationships with business and homeowners who are the backbone of this community," said Economic Development Director Brittany Morris.

The application deadline is Dec. 1, 2010, so eligible businesses and homeowners are encouraged to apply before the program expires.

The following is a list of incentive programs, which will run until Dec. 1:

• Home improvement
• Business facility repairs
• Home builders
• Existing businesses
• Prospective businesses
• Existing retailers
• New retailers
• Job creation
• Projects of economic development significance
• Green business – job creation
• Green building practices – energy efficient equipment

Additional information, eligibility requirements and applications may be found on the Economic Development website, on the “Incentives” page. For information, contact Economic Development at 303-289-3620.


  1. How does city know it is working. Are they comparing it to a previous time?

  2. SERIOUSLY!!! They are now wasting tax dollars on a direct mail marketing campaign for MCDONALDS!!! Commerce City I know you are stupid but MCDONALDS DOES NATIONAL TELEVISION ADS!!! omg someone help us! please God.