Thursday, October 7, 2010

October Noon Rotary Student of the Month

Sebastian Romero is a very talented senior that attends Brighton High School. He was selected by the Brighton Noon Rotary as the October Student of the month. With this honor, Sebastian will receive a $1000 scholarship.

Sebastian maintains a 3.9 grade point average. He participates in football, baseball, wrestling and track. He is a link leader at Brighton High school, and is a possible candidate for the 9 News Student Athlete. He recently performed in his first full-length motion picture; where he was honored to play his father as a young man. When Sebastian was asked what he could attribute his hard work, dedication, and amazing performances to, he pointed to his very proud parents sitting next to him, and replied without hesitation, “Those two people, right there.”

Sebastian has applied to the Colorado School of Mines where he hopes to play football and wrestle.

27J Lynn Ann Sheats says "We are very proud of Sebastian, and wish him well. We know he will continue to accomplish great things and continue to make us proud.

We would also like to thank the Brighton Noon Rotary for their dedication and support.

These are the GREAT things that is happening in School District 27J."

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