Saturday, November 20, 2010

Brighton City Manager Update: Arsenal Contaminations Drop Considerable

Restoration Board of the Rocky Mountain Arsenal

One of the last meetings for the Arsenal was held on Tuesday the 9th of October. There was a presentation concerning the dimp plume inside the arsenal and outside the arsenal. The charts showed that since about 1984 the level of contamination has dropped considerably. All plumes are below the regulatory limits at the outside of the arsenal and the only place where plumes are noticed are inside arsenal property. Some of the pumps used to treat the plumes are shut off because of the significant drop of levels outside of the arsenal and also the placement of containments into the sealed landfills has eliminated the continued leaching.


  1. Interesting that is the Brighton mayor- not the Commerce City mayor that provided that information. Isn't the arsenal in the Commerce City boundries? Council's goal of communication strikes again.

  2. No kidding. Good point. Is the Commerce City Mayor even around anymore? Haven't seen him anywhere lately. Wish we could annex into Brighton.