Thursday, December 2, 2010


The hostage incident on Monday at Marinette High School in Wisconsin is yet another reminder of the obligations and challenges we, as a school community, face in keeping our schools safe and secure.

The Marinette Superintendent of Schools praised the teacher as a hero for keeping students calm and preventing the situation from escalating. He also told the media that the preparedness training and exercises they had conducted involving a shooting scenario helped prepare them for this crisis.

School District 27J is continuously implementing policies and procedures to address campus security and to provide a safe learning environment for all students. Our work to date includes efforts to mitigate and prevent incidents while preparing staff on how to respond should an incident take place. Students and staff have been trained on the standard emergency protocols used for lockdown, lockout, shelter and evacuation. We conduct regular drills and coordinate our efforts with local emergency response agencies.

To assist in the prevention of incidents, the District has recently created a Task Force to address bullying and school teams are currently being trained in a new threat assessment process developed through a joint effort by school districts in Adams County.

Students and/or members of the community are encouraged to report any potential school safety issues to our schools directly or by utilizing the Safe2Tell anonymous reporting system. The contact information for the Safe2Tell is available on the website address listed below.

To learn more about emergency preparedness in 27J schools, visit our emergency management webpage:

Thank you for your continued efforts in keeping our schools safe!

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