Monday, December 6, 2010


Commerce City – An announcement made today told the citizens of Commerce City that the 917 acre site, where the Commerce City Civic Center sits, will no longer be named the Prairie Gateway. The new visitor’s center for the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge also sits on the site and that building will be named the “Prairie Legacy” when it opens. Other buildings that sit on the site of what has now become the “former” Prairie Gateway are the new Adams City High School and Dick’s Sporting Goods Park.

Brittany Morris, the city’s economic development director stated that there is “confusion” between Commerce City’s Prairie Gateway and Brighton’s Prairie Center and that the area is suffering from “low brand awareness”. The rebranding effort of naming the former Prairie Gateway to Victory Crossing is to generate more interest in the mixed use development.

"Many members of the retail community believe that we are talking about Prairie Center in Brighton because that project was up and running before this one," Morris said.

Kroenke Sports Enterprises, owner of the Colorado Rapids, and the city are working together on the newly named project now called Victory Crossing, and it will emphasize "the fusion of sports, commerce and wildlife" Morris said.

The Colorado Rapids won the MLS Cup championship recently for the first time ever. The club was formed in 1996.


  1. Oh nooooooooooooooo!!! This is very very very bad. What on earth is wrong with the people at city hall. This was not something to be messing around with. This was the history of our city! IDIOTS!!!

  2. Sooo, the headline might confuse some people. We are not changing the city name to Victory Crossing - only the section known as Prairie Gateway.