Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Commerce City expresses optimism regarding grocery store in Northern Range

COMMERCE CITY – Residents in Commerce City’s Northern Range have been hungry for a grocery store for a long while. Tonight, in an open session, city staff gave reason for optimism that a major grocery retailer will open its doors in Reunion.

Tonight City Council unanimously approved an incentive package designed to attract a King Soopers Marketplace to the northwest corner of 104th Avenue and Chambers Road. The incentive package, valued at nearly $2 million, not only provides incentives to the grocer but also to the developer, Shea Properties.

“We’ve certainly heard the voices of residents in the north who have long wanted a grocery store in their area,” said City Manager Jerry Flannery. “That’s why it has been our top priority to attract a major grocer to the area. We are hopeful that the package we developed in close coordination with King Soopers and Shea Properties will push this store from conception to reality.”

This store is slated to be one of the King Soopers Marketplace concepts, a larger grocery store offering more goods and services than a traditional one. Because of this, earlier in the evening, City Council also approved a rezoning request by Shea Properties to allow for a 123,000 square foot big box pad.

Remaining issues that require settlement include the development plan and building permit approval process. “We’re committed to working closely with all parties to ensure a smooth transition from planning to building to opening,” said Brittany Morris, Economic Development Director.

The city commits to work closely with the developer to expedite and approve building permits by approximately the summer of 2011. When complete, ground breaking could perhaps be as early as fall 2011 with a third quarter 2012 anticipated open date. All these dates, of course, are subject to change.


  1. Sammy, Commerce CityTuesday, December 21, 2010

    Amazing News! SO SO SO SO HAPPY!

  2. I am NOT so happy because the city never tells the truth. They just lie. Kings Soopers isn't coming to the northern range anymore than Walmart did. Don't hold your breath, you will turn blue!

  3. I agree I think the City Council Members are more concerned about padding there own pocket books than helping the residents in this area!