Friday, January 21, 2011


When District voters approved an $89 million bond election in November of 2006, they were promised two new elementary schools, two new middle schools and in excess of $5 million dollars in repairs to existing facilities. What they got was much more.

The two new elementary schools, West Ridge and Turnberry were completed on time and under budget. These two elementary schools have been tremendous additions to their communities.

The two new middle schools, Prairie View and Stuart were also completed on time and under budget. In addition to incredible learning environments created by the two schools, each was recognized by the Green Building Certification Institute as LEED certified schools. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) schools must achieve a strict set of standards related to energy efficiency in construction materials used and construction techniques designed to reduce ongoing operational expenses. Prairie View Middle School achieved the Gold Award and Stuart Middle School achieved the Silver Award.

A total of twenty-one smaller individual projects touching nearly every school in the District were also completed with these funds, many beyond what was promised to the voters.

Fortunately for the voters, and through the efforts of District 27J staff, the construction teams involved and a variety of other economic factors, the District was able to stretch these funds even further to serve its families. As a result of savings on these projects and sound investment practices the District was able to save an additional $9.7 million.

A portion of these funds were coupled with other available dollars contributed by local developers to purchase a 73-acre site in the western portion of the District which will serve as a future middle and high school site.

Even more impressive, the remainder of the funds will be coupled with other contributions to build a new school. The 500-student elementary school, now under design, will be open for students in the fall of 2012 and will be located at approximately 132nd and Tamarac.

“The public has often heard me speak of the District striving to get a $1.15 value out of every dollar. These project savings and wise stewardship of taxpayer money are clear examples of these efforts. In effect, the taxpayers will receive a new middle school site, a new high school site and a new school all without any additional tax burden. This type of benefit to taxpayers is almost unheard of in this day and age. We are proud of our efforts in being able offer these benefits to our school community” said Dr. Rod Blunck, Superintendent of Schools.

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