Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Gateway News Launches "Homeword"

The Gateway News announces today, its newest module, "Homeword", in celebration of the Colorado building and restoration industries.

Nearly $200 million was spent in Adams County, Colorado in the Summer of 2010 due to hail and wind activity and the resultant damages caused to roofing, siding, and windows.

In Adams County, over 100,000 homes have reached their builder-recommended 5 to 10 year review period. From internal flooring to plumbing, electrical, siding, and roofing, these homes are in need to evaluation and restoration services by qualified and reputable providers.

An unfortunate aftermath of the Adams County hail storms of 2010 was the backlash caused by some providers with less than noble intentions and adequate capabilities. Much work was left undone with some contractors placing leans on residents' homes.

Homeword stands as a tribute and promotional vehicle for the many companies whose work in Colorado has been lauded by their customers. And Homeword becomes an indispensible guide and tool for the Colorado community to choose a regional provider.

Homeword is for you. CLICK HERE TO GO TO HOMEWORD

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