Thursday, February 24, 2011

27J: School Staffs Receive Evacuation Assistance Training

Fire and ambulance personnel are helping School District 27J train employees to provide evacuation assistance during emergencies. Hands-on training sessions are being conducted this week for Special Education staff and school administrators. They are learning how to safely evacuate students, staff or visitors that use wheelchairs, when to use elevators in an emergency situation, and safe carrying techniques to move victims to safety if disaster strikes.

School District 27J reached out to agencies in all the communities where the district has schools to help plan and present the training. School staffs are receiving hands-on practice with representatives from the Greater Brighton Fire Protection District, South Adams County Fire Protection District, Thornton Fire Department, Platte Valley Ambulance and Northglenn Ambulance.

“The focus is to ensure the safety during emergencies of both students and adults with physical disabilities while they are in any School District 27J building,” says 27J Special Education Director Mary Gomez. “This training supports our mission to meet the needs of every student, every day in our district.”

The “victims” during the training session are volunteers from the Civil Air Patrol’s Cadet Program. The Cadets, qualified in community emergency response and incident command, are 12 to 18 years old and attend school in the district.

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