Monday, February 7, 2011

Gateway News Survey Results – Commerce City Image Issue...

The Gateway News asked, Does Commerce City, CO have an issue with image? Please elaborate…

We want to thank all of the news organizations, clubs, and individuals that shared this survey by either linking or embedding onto their sites or by twitter and facebook. At the conclusion, the survey had a total of 5,092 responses and 4,112 comments. The final percent result was 93% responded indeed, yes, Commerce City has an issue with image. The survey was overwhelming one sided, but what we learned from the comments is more important and out weighs the final percent numbers.

Here are the key points of what we learned from this survey.

1. The words “Commerce City” mean much more then just the city alone. Despite the fact that the school districts, the water department, the fire department, and Adams County are all separate governmental entities and operate independently, whatever news (both positive and negative) comes out of these entities is automatically transferred as something that happened to “Commerce City”.

2. The same concept as discussed in key point #1 also applies to individuals. A story covered by the media (both positive and negative) about a “person” from “Commerce City” is automatically transferred as something that happened to “Commerce City”.

3. A significant number of comments reported that although yes, the city currently has an issue with image, it was "so much worse" in the 80s and 90s. One comment said “The Commerce City image issue is getting better, but much more work is needed…”

4. Many stated that the image issue with Commerce City can be repaired but has to start within the city limits. The Commerce City residents have to believe and spread the word that Commerce City is a quality community for a lifetime.

5. Commerce City image issue has history dating back to the early 80s. One example is with press about the Rocky Mountain Arsenal (again, not part of Commerce City) was released, it was automatically transferred as something that happened to “Commerce City”.

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