Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mayors recommend putting FasTracks sales tax hike on November ballot

By Jeffrey Leib The Denver Post

After hearing poll results that suggest metro Denver residents will back a doubling of the existing FasTracks tax if it means the project will be finished this decade, a majority of the Metro Mayors Caucus Wednesday recommended pushing for an election this year to hike the FasTracks sales tax by 0.4 percentage points.

The caucus represents about 40 mayors from communities throughout the metro area.

At a morning meeting, they saw results of pollster David Kenney`s survey showing 58 percent of voters polled supported the 0.4 percentage-point tax hike if it would mean FasTracks would be completed by 2018. Forty-one percent opposed such an increase, the poll found.

Kenney`s company surveyed 500 area voters in December on their perception of RTD`s FasTracks plan, which currently is the nation`s most ambitious transit expansion.

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