Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Commerce City Hired Consultant Firm AngelouEconomics Comes Under Fire...

A recent comment on the Gateway News Opinions Page -aka- "The BLOG" reveals a 2009 hired Commerce City consultant  firm named AngelouEconomics from Texas has lately come under fire.

A local Kentucky non-profit grassroots organization called ProgressLex and Kentucky News Channel 27 (WKYT) raise questions about the accuracy of a economic report done by AngelouEconomics for the city of Lexington, KY.

The recent report says AngelouEconomics was paid $150,000 to come up with a unique report for Lexington, KY. "But the finished product was apparently duplicated from other cities..."


  1. Belle Creek ObserverTuesday, March 08, 2011

    commerce city even utilize this bogus report?

  2. Wes, Northern RangeTuesday, March 08, 2011

    So are we ever going to learn that outside gurus telling us basically generic information are maybe not such a good idea?

  3. Why cant the City do this so called study in house? Dont we have the cream of the crop staff. The "best of the best"

  4. GN, how is this news for Commerce City?
    Nothing more then a witch hunt.

  5. nothing to do with commerce city! city is happy with report given by Angelou

  6. Commerce city report needs to be analyzed from top to bottom for discrepancies. Which NO ONE has done I am sure of it!

  7. feel bad for Kentucky, but who cares, we are in Commerce City.

  8. gina, Commerce CityTuesday, March 08, 2011

    GREAT STORY! Looks like we know who will NOT be hiring in the future!

  9. "Advance Lexington"? and "Operation Commerce"?
    What a bunch of BS.
    Just a bunch of buzz words that over paid people sit around and impress each other with.
    What did we really learn from this report.

  10. From Commerce City Angelou Report SERIOUSLY:


    Venues for dining and entertainment
    In addition to elevating the quality of life for Commerce City residents, eating establishments and entertainment venues are a necessary amenity for today’s corporate culture. Many businesses in Commerce City are international companies that often host collegues and clients who are visiting from abroad. International and local businesses alike need venues for entertaining guests; because Commerce City does not offer these kinds of services, residents and employers are spending money outside of the city to meet these needs. Commerce City needs to expand hospitality options to capture this revenue stream and at the same enhance the business climate for area companies.

    Closely related to the need for food & drink and entertainment venues is the need for accomodations in this area. One need within this category would be business class hotels, which offer basic amenities such as in-room internet. Hotel options, from basic to business-class, are important not only to for business travelers, but for
    potential tourists and residents hosting friends and family as well. With the offerings at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park expanding to include large music festivals, Commerce City will be missing out on tourist dollars if visitors must look for accomodations outside of the city.

    Sports and health related retail
    When taken in combination, Dick’s Sporting Goods Park, the Rocky Mountain Wildlife Arsenal Refuge and the Barr Lake State Park constitute a wealth of sports and outdoor amenity and activity options. Retail that specializes in sports and soccer apparel and equipment would be a good fit as many soccer enthusiasts are entering the city for events year-round."

    Please tell me that we did not spend more then $100 on this BS Study! Did we?

  11. Ryland, North Range Commerce CityTuesday, March 08, 2011

    A study that points out the obvious. Yes I would like to know how much we paid for this.

  12. Belle Creek ObserverTuesday, March 08, 2011

    about the angelou study-

    “This comprehensive process will clearly identify the critical economic development issues to address going forward,” said Brittany Morris, economic development director with the City of Commerce City . “With these in mind, we can set goals and strategies for economic development and business growth for the coming years.”

    My question is what was identified (issues) and what strategies have been formed?