Wednesday, March 2, 2011

“We Should Make Responsible Cuts - and Not Irresponsibly Gut -- Our Budget.”

Perlmutter: Republicans Want to Import Oil and Export Jobs

Washington , DC – Today, U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter (CO-07) issued the following statement about another temporary budget resolution passed by the House and Senate to keep the government funded for two more weeks while members negotiate a final budget for the remaining months of 2011.

Perlmutter stated, “To move our country forward toward long-term economic stability, security and sustained job growth here in our country, we should make responsible cuts -- and not irresponsibly gut -- our budget. We have to both cut our spending and reduce our debt, as well as make the critical, necessary investments in education for our children and rebuild our aging transportation and energy infrastructure."

"I cannot support the House Republicans' irresponsible spending proposal which will cost nearly 1 million jobs nationwide -- including possibly thousands of private sector energy jobs in the 7th CD and Colorado because of potential cuts at the National Renewable Energy Lab in Golden. They want to import oil and export jobs, and that is the wrong way to grow our economy and reduce our debt.

“My number one priority is to get people back to work here in our country, because that’s the best thing we can do to pay our debt and move forward toward economic stability. I will continue to fight to build and maintain good jobs in Colorado for the hardworking people of our state and nation."

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