Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dr. Chris Fiedler is NEW 27J Superintendent of Schools

The School District 27J Board of Education is proud to announce that Dr. Chris Fiedler has been offered, and accepted the position of Superintendent of Schools upon the retirement of current Superintendent Dr. Rod L. Blunck in June of 2012. Dr. Fiedler is currently the Principal of Prairie View High School and will remain in that role until he transitions to the superintendency in 2012.

Board of Education Vice-President Russ Carr stated that he is excited about the selection of Dr. Fiedler. Director Carr went on to say that this selection upholds the integrity of the succession planning that the Board of Education has required of current Superintendent Dr. Rod Blunck and that Dr. Fiedler is the leader to carry on the good work that is currently happening within the district.

The Board of Education would like to thank the participants in this process for their many hours of commitment and service to School District 27J.

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