Friday, April 22, 2011

Long-Range Financial Plan Presentation on Golf, Open Space, Parks, Recreation & Trails (Commerce City)

How do you adequately fund the capital improvements needs and provide for the ongoing City operation and maintenance costs?

The City’s General Fund revenue is not adequate to fund City operations and all the needed capital improvements, which includes leisure service improvements. Therefore, trade-offs will need to be discussed as part of the fiscal policies and strategies presentation. The golf, open space, parks, recreation and trails presentation can be viewed by CLICKING HERE.

Background Information:
The Long-Range Financial Plan looks at the challenges facing the City, examines options and potential solutions and makes recommendations to provide a financial plan of action for the next ten years. Presentations have been made to Council regarding the City’s revenues and expenditures, drainage, facilities and transportation. There will be one more presentations on fiscal policy and strategy recommendations.

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