Monday, April 25, 2011

Thornton Police Department notified of a suspicious device...

On 04-25-2011, at approximately 8:26 am, the Thornton Police Department was notified of a suspicious device located in a City of Thornton trash truck. The trash truck had stopped behind the Sunrise Shopping Center, 9131 N. Washington Street, when the driver observed a suspicious device in a trash bag in the rear of his trash truck. The device appeared to be approximately 8” inches long and appeared to have a fuse protruding from one end, according to the witness. The Adams County Bomb Squad responded and rendered the device safe. The device is undergoing further testing to determine whether it was a functional explosive device or not.

It is unknown at this time where and when the trash containing the device was placed into the trash truck. The trash truck’s route was located in the south Thornton area.

As a precautionary measure several Thornton schools were placed on lockout until the device was rendered safe.

This case remains an active investigation.

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