Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Adams 14 Receives Prestigious Magna Award

Adams County School District 14’s school-based health centers have received a 2011 Magna Award.

The Magna Awards is a national recognition program co-sponsored by American School Board Journal, the National School Boards Association, and Sodexo School Services that honors school board best practices and innovative programs that advance student learning and encourage community involvement in schools.

Access to healthcare is limited for many in Adams 14, due to low-income status, lack of health insurance or geographic isolation. Additionally, there are very few private medical practices in the community, and none that will serve the indigent. The District understands that access to healthcare improves students’ lives inside and outside the classroom. It is incredibly important to have school-based health centers throughout the District, so students can easily access the care they need to thrive and succeed in the 21st Century.

“Students perform better when they are healthy, and ready to learn when they show up for class,” said Dr. Susan Chandler, Adams 14 Superintendent. “ Adams 14’s school-based health centers bring the doctor's office to the school, so students avoid health-related absences and get support to succeed in the classroom.”

Adams 14 has a rich history of providing comprehensive preventive and primary health care services to students. More than 30 years ago, Adams 14 was one of the first school districts in Colorado to provide school-based health care services when it collaborated with Community Health Services to open a clinic near Adams City High School . Since then, Adams 14 has valued its partnership with Community Health Services, which provides vital health and wellness services for students across the District.

“I truly believe school-based health clinics have improved our attendance rate,” said Adams 14 School Board Member Jeannette Lewis. “It’s critical that all school districts support school-based clinics. They improve the quality of both students’ lives and their education.

Click here to access a video showcasing Adams 14’s award-winning school-based health centers.

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