Saturday, May 21, 2011

"Brake for Bela" safety campaign...

In the summer of 2009, Denver-metropolitan-area resident Kristi Estes' 5-year-old daughter Bela was struck by a car while playing with neighborhood friends near the street in front of her house. Although she survived the accident, Bela sustained significant injuries to her face and body, as well as emotional trauma that was difficult to overcome.

Bela's mother works as a public relations associate at Communication Infrastructure Group (CIG) and the CIG team decided to launch a grassroots driving awareness campaign called "Brake for Bela" to give back to the community and remind the public to both drive and play safe in neighborhoods, especially during the summer months.

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for children 2-14 years of age and residential speeding is one of the single greatest complaints according to police departments and City Council representatives throughout the United States.

The public service campaign will launch its inaugural year the last week of this May and continue through the end of August, to coincide with the traditional summer break for local schools. CIG has been working with various municipalities in the metropolitan region to pass proclamations in support of “Brake for Bela” and
respectfully request Commerce City join the cause and help spread the word.

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