Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ethics Watch Calls On Adams County Sheriff Douglas Darr To Resign

On May 12, a federal jury found Adams County Sheriff Douglas Darr guilty of retaliation, in violation of the freedom of speech by Adams County Deputy Mark Nicastle. The jury awarded $123,601 to Nicastle.

Nicastle sued Darr for using his office to prevent Nicastle from campaigning in an election for Adams County Sheriff. Nicastle also claimed that Darr launched unnecessary investigations intended to discredit him in retaliation for his plans to run for Darr's job.

Nicastle was the Republican nominee for Adams County Sheriff in 2010. Darr, a Democrat, was reelected in November. The complaint alleged that Sheriff Darr retaliated against Nicastle for several years for Nicastle's political activities.

Upon hearing the judgment, Ethics Watch director called on Darr to resign his office and restore the public’s trust in Adams County government.

“There is no question in my mind that Sheriff Darr should resign,” said Luis Toro, director of Ethics Watch. “Any person who uses their office to retaliate for political differences, or to prevent an opponent from campaigning, no longer deserves the office nor the trust of the people who put him in office. This is corruption at its most obvious, and Sheriff Darr should resign his office immediately.”


  1. NiCaslte should be the one to resign NOT Doug Darr. Are you kidding me? If people knew what Nicastle had actually done then the jury would not have voted the way they did. Doug Darr is way too nice and should have fired Nicastle years ago. And now Nicastle has cost the taxpayers about $200,000 because his feelings are bruised. Guess what Nicastle you would not have won the election no matter what you did, many people know what kind of a nasty person you are and you just proved it once again by dragging this into court, you are acting lke a two year old. Get out of our way and go home for good. And enjoy your stolen money that you just bilked the taxpayers out of. You should be so proud. What did you prove here? Not a damn thing but that you are who Doug Darr said you were.

  2. The public has no way of knowing what actually goes on inside the sheriff's department. This is not the first complaint to come out of the sheriff's department and will not be the last. Unless, you work there and really see what goes on. It really is time for new leadership.