Monday, May 16, 2011

Commerce City resident Rick Teter announces his intentions to run for Commerce City Council Ward 4 seat...

Rick Teter
Rick Teter announced his candidacy for the Ward 4 seat on the Commerce City council on Sunday, May 15th. There were over 100 neighbors, friends and family who came to his home on E. 69th Place to support his campaign to run for Council, Ward 4. Current Ward 4 Councilwoman Tracey Snyder introduced and endorsed Rick as her successor. On hand to also endorse his campaign were Councilman Rene Bullock and many past and present leaders of various boards and commissions in Commerce City. The cloudy weather did not hamper the huge celebration.Five positions will be opening on the city council, mayor, Ward 2 and Ward 4, and two at large seats, which is a majority of the nine member board. The elections are being held on November 1, 2011.

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