Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Democrats offer the Colorado Compromise redistricting map today

“Let’s break the 30-year trend of sending this to court”

Today, Democrats announced they will introduce the “Colorado Compromise” map, redrawing Colorado’s congressional district lines. This action comes as legislators take on the constitutionally mandated task of redrawing Colorado’s congressional lines. Redistricting must take place every 10 years following the U.S. Census.

At the beginning of this legislative session, legislators formed an historic bipartisan redistricting committee. As originally conceived, the bipartisan committee was to work together to take input from people across the state and use that input to create a map that all sides could agree on. For the past 30 years, Colorado congressional maps have been settled in court, a costly and contentious outcome that legislators hope to avoid.

Since the committee completed its work on Friday, April 22, the Democrats and Republicans have each introduced their own maps, but neither map had consensus amongst the committee members. The “Colorado Compromise” map Democrats will introduce today has its origins in a bipartisan negotiating effort that incorporates the public testimony the committee received and reflects input gathered since the first introduction of redistricting maps on April 15.

On the Colorado Compromise map introduced today, Joint Redistricting Committee Co-Chair Senator Rollie Heath (D-Boulder) offered the following comment:

“Democrats have been working with Republicans on a compromise map that is responsive to the issues raised by the public while creating and maintaining competitive districts. What we’re presenting today is that map based on what we heard from the communities we visited, one that takes into account the messages we received in the committee and from community members across the state. It’s important that we try to get this done through the legislative process. Let’s break the 30-year trend of sending this to court.” View map click here...

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