Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Federal Transit Administration Signs Record of Decision for the North Metro Environmental Impact Statement

The Regional Transportation District (RTD) and the North Metro Corridor Team are proud to announce the completion of the North Metro Corridor Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) signed the Record of Decision (ROD Click Here) on April 22, 2011 marking the end of more than four years of in-depth project development, evaluation, refinement and extensive community outreach by RTD, which began in September 2006.

The ROD summarizes the FTA’s decisions regarding compliance with relevant environmental requirements, describes the mitigation measures to be included in the project, summarizes public outreach and agency coordination efforts, and responds to substantive comments received in response to the Final EIS. All public and agency comments have been individually addressed and are available for review in the FEIS Response to Comments Matrix.

This marks the end of the FEIS process, and a new phase of the project can now begin: final design and construction. The RTD and North Metro Corridor Project Team extend their gratitude to all members of the North Metro community for actively participating and greatly contributing to the public involvement process.

Visit the project website for more information:

FTA Record of Decision and Appendices
FEIS Response to Comments Matrix
Corridor Video Flyover
FEIS Public Hearing Summary

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