Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Neighborhood Identification Project (Lead by Community Enterprise)

For a few months, members of the community have worked under the leadership of Community Enterprise of Commerce City with the support of City staff to work on an exciting project. This community group has two main efforts currently: 1) establish Neighborhoods in the historic part of Commerce City, including neighborhood names and boundaries, and 2) work to establish the criteria for Council to formally recognize Neighborhood groups. The team members feel that identifying these neighborhoods will help instill community pride and give a voice to residents at a neighborhood scale.

Additionally, a sub-group of this initiative is working with the City Attorney's office to prepare an action item for City Council where Council will be asked to establish a formal process by which they identify and partner with neighborhood groups for the benefit of a specific neighborhood and the City at large.

No City funds have been spent on this project at this time. In the later part of this project there will be expenses incurred for the purpose of placing signs that identify neighborhoods.

Presentation to Commerce City Council... Click Here

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