Sunday, May 22, 2011


Standing for Peace at Inner Peace Festival in City Park, Denver, Colo.

It was a bright sunny day in Denver’s City Park, and festival goers were ready to bring their own light to bear on the subject of peace. Hundreds turned out to enjoy the festival and many of them chose to literally “stand for peace” as they took their place in a human peace symbol. This was not only to show their support for peace in general, but to “imprint peace into the land and psyche of the city.”

In addition to creating the human peace symbol, people enjoyed various experiences of peace, from writing their prayers own prayers for the city and the world, to doing meditative walks and drumming with African drummers. Children were kept busy with crafts, face painting, hula hoops and giant bubbles, while their parents were inspired to contemplate the nature of peace.

This was the 3rd annual Inner Peace Festival, and the director, Reverend Isabelle Stone of Park Hill’s Center of Light, promises an even bigger festival next year with thousands of people participating in the human peace symbol. Perhaps Denver will even break the record held by Ithaca, New York, for the most participants in one of these symbols – 5800.

The Inner Peace Festival & Human Peace Symbol is organized by the Center of Light, a non-denominational Christian organization with the mission of bringing world peace through developing each person’s inner experience of peace. In addition to events like the Peace Festival, the Center of Light also offers free classes with topics like meditation, prayer and connecting with God.

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