Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Story of Baby John...

A letter to the Mother of baby John,

You were young and pregnant and alone and scared. You gave birth to John sometime on the 10th or 11th of September 2002.

Believing you had no other choices, you wrapped baby John in a blue fleece skateboard bear blanket and left him in front of L and M repair shop on Weld County Road 2 1/2, just north of Brighton .

What you didn’t expect was that the cold of that autumn morning would end his precious life. I have to believe that’s not what you intended. You wanted a better life for your baby, not to end his life that morning.

It’s time for you to relieve your pain by coming forward and claiming your son. My belief is that you were very young and scared of both your parents and the baby’s father. Did they even know you were pregnant? I am left to conclude that L and M holds the answers to this mystery. Am I right? With hundreds of safe places you could have taken baby John to, you chose L and M Repair Shop. I believe you expected baby John’s father would claim him after he was found and he would live a happy, healthy life – the life you thought he deserved, not the life you feared he would live with a single mom with no support, not the hard life you saw in your future with a baby.

What would have happened in the eight years since his birth if you had made the right choice? He would have had a first birthday party. You would have seen him go to his first day of kindergarten, lose his front teeth, learn to ride a bicycle, be in his first program at school with proud parents and grandparents attending. You would have seen him make friends and be a friend. By now, in third grade, his reading skills would be allowing him to explore other worlds outside of home. Like other 8-year olds, he would love video games, cartoons and mom’s cooking.

What you couldn’t see then is that you would have found a way. The love of your son would have given you the strength to make it through. You had options.

Please don’t let John’s life be in vain. Other young girls need your advice. For them, to see and feel your pain can help them make the right choice for their unborn baby John or Jane. Today young mothers are allowed to give up a child they cannot take care of, just by dropping them off at safe locations like fire stations and hospitals right after birth.

Give baby John’s life meaning. Come forward and help others avoid a decision filled with a lifetime of guilt and pain, and give life to the next baby John Doe. He deserves it.

If you have information, call the Weld County Sheriff’s Office at 1-800-436-9276 , detective Terri Rinne or metcalf6631@msn.com.

George Metcalf and Valerie Pister
LaSalle business owner/
Westminster resident

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