Monday, May 9, 2011

United Power to Host Series of FREE Energy-Saving Workshops

Brighton , Colo. —Through the summer United Power will hold several energy-saving workshops that will be available to members for no charge. The series, called “Energy Saving U”, is a classroom based program covering a variety of topics to help members learn more ways to reduce their power costs. The Energy Saving U workshops in May include Cutting Cooling Costs on May 18 and Is Solar Energy Right for Me? on May 26. Future workshop topics include: Shrink Your Propane Bill with Electricity, Is Renewable Energy Right for Me?, Saving Money on the Time of Day Rate, and What You Get from an Energy Audit. Visit for a full workshop schedule and more details.

Cutting Cooling Costs
May 18
6-8 p.m.
United Power’s Brighton Headquarters Office, 500 Cooperative Way, Brighton CO 80603

This FREE event will teach you how to tune-up, seal-up and plant your way to ‘cool’ savings this summer. Our experts will show you how to battle the heat without inflicting wounds to your wallet. Experts will take an inside look at your home and teach you how to keep cool air in by sealing and insulating. Then we'll discuss what you can do outside of your home to keep the heat out. Learn why an A/C tune-up is so important and how to decide if a repair or replacement of your air conditioner is a better use of your money. Landscape professionals will then go over where and what to plant to shade your home in just the right places.

Is Solar Energy Right for Me?
May 26
6:30 - 8 p.m.
Mead Town Hall, 441 3rd Street, Mead CO 80542

This FREE event will help you determine if it will make "cents" to go solar. Solar energy experts will discuss all the facets of installing a renewable energy system, including research, proper orientation, permitting and insurance. We will also discuss how large your system needs to be to offset your energy use and what your out-of-pocket costs to install will total after all rebates and incentives.

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