Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Free and Low-Cost Health Screenings and Education for Adults and Children

Denver, CO – Do you want to get a check on your family’s overall health? Did you miss attending a 9Health Fair in the spring? If so, plan to attend one of the Family 9Health Fairs or the 4th annual Feria de Salud in Commerce City .

The four Family 9Health Fairs scheduled this fall are: Vail Valley Medical Center at Battle Mountain High School in Edwards and St. Joseph’s Catholic Church Parish Center in Golden on Saturday, October 15, the Tri Lakes Health Fair at Palmer Ridge High School in Monument on Saturday, October 29, and the Family 9Health Fair/Feria de Salud at Adams City High School in Commerce City Saturday and Sunday, November 5 and 6. Times vary at each location so please visit for the most up-to-date information.

Each Fair will offer more than 20 free and low-cost health screenings and education for families of all ages. Hundreds of volunteer medical professionals will be on hand to answer a variety of health questions, and no personal identification is necessary to participate in the fair. Low-cost seasonal flu shots are also available for the entire family.

Low-cost screenings available for adults include:

- $30: Blood Chemistry screening – checks a person’s overall health by screening all major organ

functions including thyroid, cholesterol, triglycerides and glucose levels

- $25: Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) screening – checks a man’s risk for prostate cancer

- $15: Blood Count screening – determines risk for infection and anemia by checking white and red blood cells and blood-clotting abilities

- $20: Colon Cancer Screening Take Home Kit and Education – checks a person’s risk for colon cancer through a sample taken at home and mailed into Quest Diagnostics

- $40: Vitamin D blood screening – determines your current level of this very important vitamin

- $25: A1C Glucose Test – a blood screening that measures your average blood sugar control for the past 2-3 months

- Flu Shots (costs may vary)

Participants taking advantage of the low-cost blood screenings should drink plenty of water before they arrive at the fair, continue taking prescribed medications, and fast for 12 hours, except for diabetics. Results from these screenings are mailed directly to participants within four weeks after the fair, and 9Health Fair encourages participants to share their results with their primary care provider for additional follow up and treatment. 9Health Fair can also refer participants to medical care if necessary.

Some of the free screenings available for adults include:

- Blood Pressure

- Breast

- Finger Stick Glucose

- Foot Screening

- Heart Health Corner

- Height/Weight/Body Mass Index

- Lung Function

- Metabolic Syndrome

- Nutrition

- Oral Health

- Pap Smears

- Prostate/Testicular

- Skin

- Spine

- Stress Management

- Talk With A Health Professional

- Vision

Free screenings and activities for children may include:

- Alas de Yoga

- Fuel up to Play

- Hearing

- Heart Smart Kids

- Height/Weight/Body Mass Index

- Hip Hop

- Kids Running America

- Lung Function/Asthma

- MILES, the Denver Broncos Mascot

- Oral/Dental

- Rail Yard Fitness

- Vision

For additional information about the Family 9Health Fair and the Feria de Salud please visit or call303-698-4455 toll free at 800-332-3078. 9Health Fair provides an opportunity for all Coloradoans to have access to health.

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