Saturday, June 11, 2011

New children's book has squirrel teaching kids basic entrepreneurship skills

Eric F. Steimle informs young readers of nontraditional career paths in "Jason Squirrel Starts A Company"

A burst of entrepreneurial spirit aims to inspire children as they are introduced to bushy-tailed Jason Squirrel, a creature who picks up on valuable life lessons as he works to start his own business in "Jason Squirrel Starts A Company" (ISBN 1452815585) by Eric F. Steimle.

Jason Squirrel grows tired of fetching heavy bags of nuts for food each day, and devises a plan to form a nut-collecting company that will provide more leisure time. While Jason thinks his idea is quite genius, his friends kid the squirrel for his naivety; Jason is soon denied a loan from Stan the Banking Turtle to start the business.

Jason persists with his dream and educates himself on the aspects of running a business, from finance to marketing to staffing. When he finds an investor in Grandpa Crow, the squirrel begins to overcome the obstacles that block him from achieving personal success with his nut-collecting startup.

"When I was young, I never even had the idea that I could start my own business," Steimle said. "It wasn't until I was older and in college that I realized it would be possible. Since then, I thought there should be more books for younger children that talk about building your own company."

The 30-page illustrated children's book details how Jason's business endeavor becomes successful, so much so that he hires a group of raccoons to help with his workload.

Steimle's story of Jason and his nut-collecting company shows young children that they are capable of doing anything through hard work, determination and perseverance.

"Jason Squirrel Starts a Company" is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author:
Eric F. Steimle graduated from Northeastern University with a degree in electrical engineering. In the past, he was involved with a number of technical startup companies. He cofounded The Family Health Network, a startup business that designs technology products for the elderly and their caregivers. "Jason Squirrel Starts a Company" is his first book.

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