Sunday, July 10, 2011

Commerce City Warning Tower Program

Commerce City has a series of warning towers spread across the city. These towers warn citizens of actual or impending threats such as tornadoes, severe storms, life-threatening hail, etc. The warning tower system can also be used to inform citizens of man-made hazards or to issue evacuation orders.

Test Schedule
OEM performs audible tests once a month, at 2:00pm on the first Saturday of the month. The Warning Tower System also performs a silent self-test weekly. Any problems are immediately reported to OEM for repair.

Other Audible Alert Systems
There are other audible alert systems which some residents may hear.
The cities of Denver and Brighton have warning siren systems. If either of those cities activate their warning sirens, residents living near the borders of those two communities may hear those systems, even through the emergency does not affect Commerce City and our sirens have not been activated.

Also, Dick's Sporting Goods Park has a warning system for the outdoor soccer fields surrounding the stadium. They will activate the system to clear the fields due to lightning, winds, or other hazardous weather which does not justify Commerce City activating its warning sirens. Depending on conditions and wind direction, the Dick's Sporting Goods Park warnings may be head as far as a mile away.

The Warning Tower Areas of Influence Map shows the locations of the 17 warning towers in the city, and their approximate areas of coverage. Click Here...

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  1. "life-threatening hail" ONLY in Commerce City. I am actually more concerned about starving to death in the northern range due ot a lack of food, thank you. Bring on the hail!