Friday, August 19, 2011

Commerce City Residential Garage Burglaries

The Commerce City Police Department has observed an increase in residential burglaries in the month of August. The majority of theses burglaries are crimes of opportunity where residents are leaving there garage doors open and unattended. Items that have been taken are tools, motorized bikes, and bicycles.

These crimes can be prevented with some simple prevention tips:
• Never leave your garage door open if you are not in the garage or front yard, it is easy for someone to walk in and take something when no one is looking.
• Do not leave bikes or other items in your front yard overnight.
• Keep the service door between your garage and residence locked.
• Write down the serial number of items in your garage and keep it in a safe place.
• Do not leave wallets, purses, keys, laptops, or other valuables inside of the vehicles that are parked in your garage.

To see what kind of reports have been taken in your area you can access this information by logging on to the website

As a reminder, if you see any suspicious activities please report them by calling 911.

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