Tuesday, August 23, 2011


EXpressToll has begun phasing out its current plastic-encased tags and phasing in new, peel-and-stick windshield tags. The new style is similar to an oil change sticker and mounted on the inside lower left corner of the windshield.

EXpressToll is the automatic toll collection system used in metro Denver on the E-470 and Northwest Parkway toll roads, and on the I-25 Express Lanes north of downtown Denver . EXpressToll is accepted on all three toll facilities. There are approximately 800,000 tags in use, issued to 380,000 accounts.

The introduction of the new sticker tags will occur in several phases.

Sticker tags will be provided to new customers, fleet accounts, non-commercial customers who recently acquired bumper-mounted transponders, and to public safety agencies in the first phase. In addition, any present customer who contacts the EXpressToll Service Center and requests a swap for a new tag will receive one.

Later this year, an advertising and public relations campaign will encourage current EXpressToll customers to exchange their old tags for new ones at any of approximately 70 Front Range retail locations from Colorado Springs to Fort Collins , in Cheyenne , or at the EXpressToll Service Center .

The move to the new transponder was made because it is easier for customers to install, provides enhanced signal reading capability, and is less costly for EXpressToll to acquire and mail to its customers, thus helping limit operational costs. EXpressToll is operated by the E-470 Public Highway Authority.

EXpressToll customers on E-470 pay 20 percent less for tolls than License Plate Toll customers. For retail locations or to sign up for EXpressToll, go to www.expresstoll.com or call the EXpressToll Service Center at 303-537-3470; out-of-area customers can call toll-free 888-946-3470.

E-470 is a toll road that runs along the eastern perimeter of the Denver metropolitan area. The 75-mph highway extends 47 miles from State Highway C-470 at I-25 in Douglas County , ending at I-25 just south of 160th Ave. , in Thornton .

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